Recently, I was asked about the way I use colour. The person asking described my colours as “intense”.

It’s true, – I see colours intensely. I can feel/taste/smell even hear their notes. Colours “sing” to me – however subtle the tint, the hue is there…


Glass Jar (1st watercolour workshop)

Glass jar (watercolour)













Light i (detail)

Light iii, pastel (detail)








…pale skin reflecting warm light hums vermillion against a background of orchestrated blues…






Over the garden wall (Snowdonia series)

Over the garden wall (Snowdonia Series)







…lilting violet perfumes the shadows, whilst the yellows rise to a pitch of buttery sunlight

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  1. Leslie Raudnitz

    Your description of synaesthaesia is awesome ; especially to someone like me whose two eyes each give such different colour reports nowadays , but also, and much more importantly, absolutely speaking, as an amazing gift which seems , to one who has NEVER had it , like a “sixth sense”€, which it truly is.

    I had heard a rare musician once talking of being able to distinguish different recorded performances of the same work by the same Conductor , NOT by the sound of a particular chord but, rather ,by its different (literally-speaking)- COLOUR , in the different versions. But you describe being gifted to “hear, taste and even smell colour” and this , to someone who can’t do any of it, is as amazing as if you were able to see through walls.


    February 27, 2016 at 12:18 am

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