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Making a portrait from life reveals much more to me than a photograph. A photograph freezes the fraction of a second and flattens perspective. When looking at eachother we are constantly moving and our eyes take in many thousands of tiny shifts of view, allowing our brains to process lots of visual information to help shape our perception of the person we’re observing.

More than this, talking with someone and watching how   different lighting or mood alters the colours of their skin and eyes, I see many changes of definition that express their energy and spirit.

When I’m working on a portrait I try also to include symbolic items, such as jewellery or significant objects that are meaningful to the sitter, so that a narrative is established, giving vital clues to this person’s life and who they are.

A portrait makes a unique and very personal gift or heirloom, or marks a special occasion, capturing likeness and personality at a particular stage in someone’s life.

These portraits are made entirely from life (photographs are used only occasionally as a reminder of the pose, or as a reference for colours.) It takes approximately between 5-8 studio sittings of up to two hours each, – though the subject is not expected to keep completely still or silent for the whole time! I work on background and other parts of the painting between sessions.

Prices start from £375 for a pastel portrait, £700 upwards for an oil. Price depends on the medium and how much time is required.

If you are thinking of commissioning a portrait from me, please use the contact page and we can discuss details.

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